Where to Study

September 10, 2010

   Recently, the Battalion here at TAMU listed its top ten list of study spots (here's the link).  While some of them have their own advantages many of them are crowded locations so I've decided to put my own list out (at the risk of my favorite quiet spots becoming less quite).   Here are my choices in no particular order.

  • Libraries, these are suggested in the Batt. article and who can argue since libraries are classic study locations.  The downfall of using campus libraries is that so many other people do.  If you want peace and quiet you may want to get a study room or go elsewhere.
  • Coffeeshops, the Batt. suggests these as well but I would recommend going further away from campus.  The Starbucks near HEB and Hastings in the Tejas Center in Bryan is small but quiet.
  • 24-hr Diners, by this I mean IHOP, Kettle, and Denny's.  These have been some of my favorites for long night study sessions.  Its even better when they have bottomless shrimp or similar meals you can munch on for a long time.  Make sure you patronize and tip them well when you do use them. 
  • Fast Food Joints.  Many fast food joints have free wifi these days which can be nice for studying.  Some of my favorites are Chic-fil-a (near Walmart in Bryan), Burger King (near Blinn, although their internet is not always reliable), and Fuddruckers (next to Sweet Eugene's, they usually have less traffic on their wifi and they have beefier food).
  • Outside.  This is a great place to study (if its not windy...or rainy...or dark).  You can stuff knowledge into your brain and vitamin D into your skin.  The vitamin D will help with your energy and health to help you keep up with your rigorous schedule.
The biggest key is to find an environment that helps you to study.  One of the biggest things is to not be distracted, this is why I like going to places with less people.  If you find yourself bumping into a lot of people you know when you are trying to study you may want to find a new study spot.  For what its worth their are my suggestions, I hope they help.

How to Read Your Textbook and Actually Understand It

February 12, 2010
I recently stumbled across an article about how to read scientific papers.  This article can also be applied to reading a chapter in your Science/Math text book.  They suggest 4 steps to help you digest the information before you:

  1. Skim the Chapter:  This allows you to get the overall big picture even if you don't yet understand the specifics.  Pay close attention to how the chapter is divided, this will tell you the basic topics that are important.  Also, note any definitions, or equations tha...

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How to Get Your Tutor to Work for You

September 7, 2009
Many students could get a whole lot more out of their tutor than they do.  So what can you do to maximize your time with a tutor?

  1. Bring questions.  The more specific your questions the better.  With specific questions, the tutor will be able to answer your question directly.  Also, knowing exactly what you don't understand, helps you reinforce what you understand and gives the tutor a better understanding of what you are stuggling with.  If you don't have a specific question, try and explai...

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How To Make Class LESS Boring!!

August 28, 2009
Class can be a big bore, especially when you are in way over your head!

Tip of the day today:
Read the first chapter of your text before class.
This will allow you to at least be familiar with the terms and content - even if you don't understand it, yet.

It is too much to ask to understand material the first time you hear it. 
Don't expect to understand everything just from class.  Do yourself a favor - read and be prepared.  If you read before class you will drastically reduce the amount of stud...
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